Top 5 Gaming Laptop Under 700$ in 2021

Let’s skip the introductions and get right into the best gaming laptop under 700 as of late 2021.

Before that let me make something clear:

If you have a budget anywhere near 700$, you are ENTITLED to get a DEDICATED GPU, no matter what the price of one is on Amazon, eBay, COSTCO, Best Buy, etc, you don’t have to settle for an integrated GPU.

You just need to look carefully because you will ALWAYS find at LEASTone laptop at 700$ (or even below) with a dedicated GPU. 

And with a bit of knowledge that laptop should get you into the three digit framerates for almost every game at high settings.

Recommended Specs For Gaming Laptops Under 700

Having said, if you want those framerates or if you want to get the best performance/money ratio for your budget. There are a few things you must know before you purchase gaming laptop under 700.


Clock speed is the most important single spec for gaming. Higher clock speeds means higher information processing thus higher framerates. These are the GOOD CPUs you’ll find around 700$  (in order of power):

~Under 700$Core i5-10300H, Core i5-9300H, AMD Ryzen 5 4550H, AMD Ryzen 5 5500H.  This is good stuff!

Stay away from these guys unless you got something around 550$:  Core i5 10G51. Core i310G51, AMD Ryzen 5 3500U, AMD Ryzen 5 4500. These are good but not something you should buy with a 650-700$ budget.


A dedicated GPU is a must to push those high framerates into high and even EPIC settings.
~Under 700$940MX, MX150, MX230, MX250, MX350, 1050 (2GB)1050(3GB), 1050Ti(2GB) and 1650GTXThe latter 3 are the good stuff.

It’s going to be rare to find a 1650GTX under 700$ but very possible depending on the time of the year. So if you find one, grab it fast and run.

You are more likely to find MX350 or a 1050 for 600-650$ under 700. They’re fine too, that is, to play games at medium and sometimes high settings (depending on the game – graphically demanding games like F0rtnite/Warzone will not reach high/epic settings with decent framerates).


Virtually all laptops above 550$ will automatically come with 8GB. You won’t find a laptop with 16GB under 700$ unless it’s refurbished. More important than having 16GB is making sure that whatever you got is a error. 16GB isn’t going to make a difference unless you’re playing Warzone.


All laptops, including those under $400, must have an SSD by 2021, and not just any SSD, but a decent SSD like a PCIe NVMe SSD. It doesn’t matter what sort of SSD you get to play, but it wouldn’t hurt to invest a little more in the speed of your storage because it’s quite easy to store 256GB enough for just 5 games these days.


It is not necessary to use IPS to build your games.

FHD panels are standard on virtually all laptops with a dedicated graphics card. The actual question is if you can obtain a 120Hz monitor for less than $ 700 (which will smooth out the games x2), and the answer is no. Even if you were able to boost your budget to $750, it would be a miracle if you were able to obtain it.

For less than $ 700, here are the best five high-end gaming laptops.

Unless it’s a reconditioned computer, all laptops here cost between $ 550 and $ 700. If you pay less than $ 550, you won’t receive a dedicated GPU.

However, we’ll start with a hot and contemporary gaming PC for less than $ 700 and work our way up from there, with pricing varying based on supply and demand.

Top 5 Best Gaming Laptop Under 700

1. Lenovo Ideapad Gaming

The Best Laptop For Games Under 700 Dollars

This model is new as of August 20 and is far less expensive than you may anticipate for a laptop with the newest Ryzen 5 H CPU and GTX 1650 graphics.

Most laptops with a CPU and GPU combination cost from $ 750 to $ 850, depending on availability and demand.

Apart from the fact that we are in the 11th generation of Intel CPUs, they lag behind the most recent Ryzen chip of the same generation. If a laptop with a Core i5 10300H is available at the same price, the Ryzen 5 chip model should be chosen. Particularly in games that need a high level of visuals.

Call of Duty: Warzone~74High1080p1vs1
Sims 4~95HighFHDInteracting
Dota 2+86UltraFHDtotal average
LoL+106Very HighFHDtotal average
Overwatch+79EpicFHD5v5 fight

As you can see from the table, most games can be played at the maximum settings, with 60-100 frames per second being suitable for competitive gaming. Remember that this laptop has a 120Hz display, and other 1650GTX laptops, including those above $ 700, cost more. We compared it to a laptop with same specifications, but the CPU is a Ryzen 5 4550H, which is one generation earlier, so you should expect better frames than those shown in the chart.

If you’re not familiar with 120Hz, it allows you to view twice as many frames as a 60Hz monitor (with more playback laptops).

If you want to get more frames out of this computer, double-distribute your RAM to achieve 5-10 frames per second (check what this means in the end).

Also, as you can see in the videos we provided, certain models, like ours, are configured to split the load between an integrated and dedicated GPU, resulting in great performance whether you turn the graphics up or down (then the integrated GPU stops working and the GPU will do all the hard work).

You can only achieve up to 100 frames per second on low settings; if you want to reach 300 frames per second on medium settings, you must disable the integrated GPU. While doing so, it will put a lot of strain on the specialized GPU, reducing its lifespan.

2. Evo Gaming Laptop

Best Gaming Laptop Deal Under 700 

The only difference between this model and the Lenovo Ideapad is that it has a Core i5 10300H CPU, which is nearly as powerful as the Ryzen 5 5500H. As a result, you should maintain the same level of performance throughout the gaming laptop. We put the Core i5 9300H + 1650GTX through its paces, and the results are remarkable to say the least:

Call of Duty60MediumFHD
Sims 450Very HighFHD
Dota 2+130UltraFHD
LoL+130Very HighFHD
CS:GO+100Very HighFHD

What’s more, guess what? This model is only $ 120. You may save that money and buy an additional SSD to store more games (256GB will expire very quickly).

Now I’m wondering why I didn’t email it first. One reason is because it is extremely inexpensive and will not remain so for long. Stocks and stocks may be at risk as you read this.

best gaming laptops under $700

3. HP Pavilion Gaming

Best HP Gaming Laptop Under 700

If those two models aren’t available or can’t be found for less than 700, there’s still hope.

The majority of the Core i5 9300H + 1650GTX models from last year have very identical frames to the brand new Core i5 10300H + 1650GTX models (note the clock speed difference is only about 0.2GHz).

4. HP Pavilion Gaming

Best 1050GTX Laptop Under 700

If money is an issue and 1650GTX laptops are available for less than $ 700, consider 1050GTX laptops. These laptops are less powerful than 1650GTX computers, although they are frequently coupled with good CPUs. Although you won’t have the same performance as a laptop with a 1650GTX, the fps at the medium settings will enough.
This variant differs from other 1050GTX laptops in that it has greater vRAM (3GB vs. 2GB) and is just 1GB behind the 1650GTX. To compress high fps in open multiplayer games all over the world, more vRAM will be required.
Also, the CPU in this model is the same as in other 1650GTX laptops. As a result, the frames will be similar.
Call of Duty50LowFHD
Sims 450Very HighFHD
Dota 2+110UltraFHD
LoL+110Very HighFHD
CS:GO80Very HighFHD

If you do not intend to play CoD: Warzone at regular or advanced settings, or any other game that demands graphics, you will find that it performs just as well as 1650GTX laptops, as long as you avoid graphics-intensive games (WitCher, Assassin’s Creed, Grand Theft Auto 5, and so on).

5. ASUS ZenBook

Best Gaming Laptop Under 700 – Thin & Lightweight

All of the laptops we’ve featured so far are on the heavy side, making them unsuitable for school or casual gaming.

This laptop is for someone who does not play games on a regular basis or who want to have a laptop with them at all times. It’s straightforward, nearly as compact as other 1650GTX laptops, and it still includes a dedicated GPU. As a result, if you modify the settings appropriately, you will still get high fps in most games. You will gain greater battery life because to the lower GPU.

There are several models of the MX350 that have been available since August 2021, but this is one of two that sell for $ 650.

That, I believe, is the price to pay. While dedicated MX250, MX350, and MX450 laptops are available, they can sell for a lot of money.

These are the frame rates you can expect from the dedicated MX350 / MX250 / MX450 GPU.

Call of Duty~~~~~~~
Sims 440MediumFHD
Dota 2+85UltraFHD

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