Sony Premium Lightweight Noise-Canceling Stereo Headphones

30mm Neodymium Dynamic Dome Drivers – Specially planned, incredible drivers convey profound and amazing bass that impeccably supplements the present famous music types

Dynamic Noise-Canceling Circuitry – Flip the switch and exploit demonstrated Noise Canceling innovation, in view of the insightful investigation of natural encompassing clamor, and appreciate remarkable commotion free (up to 95%) sound execution

As long as 80 Hours of Battery Life – One AAA antacid battery gives as long as 80 hours of constant, clamor free music playback

Pressing factor Relieving Earcup Cushions – Seamless, clamor Canceling ear cushions use pressure easing urethane froth for an extraordinary fit, yet in addition diminished surrounding commotion

Turn Fold Earcups – Slim in height with turn crease earpads, Sony Extra Bass earphones are lightweight when worn, yet effectively stow away in a rucksack or book sack when in a hurry

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