XIAOTIAN GPS Drone with 4K Camera for Adults Quadcopter

Video Capture Resolution4K HD
Wireless Communication TechnologyWi-Fi
Item Weight400 Grams
Battery Capacity600 Milliamp Hours
Remote Control Included?Yes
  1. HD Pictures Videos and FPV Function:The smaller than normal foldable robot prepared with1080P HD Camera, which catches excellent video and clear elevated photographs. You can watch a live video in your PDA for excellent landscape by wifi ongoing transmission.
  2. GPS and Optical Flow Positioning: GPS situating gives you the exact situating subtleties of the robot, monitoring the situation of the Drone and giving the programmed bring capacity back. You will not lose the robot whenever. Alongside the optical stream situating, gauge, and satellite frameworks, and it’s anything but an astounding re-visitation of home point and another more exact landing innovation.
  3. Brushless Motor and 3 battery:Brushless engine with aeronautics propellers for high streamlined effectiveness, which is more calm and longevous than a brushed engine. The 3 battery gives the robot 45 mins Flight time each charge.

4.Powerful performance: Drone With a maximum battery life of 15 minutes, gives a sizable amount of time to form the best shot.

  1. Versatile Ultralight:This 4k robot has reduced plan in that the quadcopter arms and propeller sharp edges can be collapsed. It is little (Folded Dimension:812.55cm) and weighs under 250g, you don’t have to enroll your robot with the public authority

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